December 24, 2007

Of rho and xi

Someone I know slightly sent me mail. Here's the meat of it, verbatim:
    There's this guy thinks you have had fights with everybody in the blogosphere. I'm not telling you who, you'll just go and make some idiot comment there. Question is, why have you had fights with everybody? Huh?
Well, not everybody! I have had arguments with &Alpha, &Beta, &Gamma, &Delta, &Epsilon, &Zeta, &Eta, &Theta, &Iota, &Kappa, &Lambda, &Mu, &Nu, &Xi, &Omicron, &Pi, &Rho, &Sigma, &Tau, &Upsilon, &Phi, &Chi, &Psi, &Omega and some more.

(Not their real names).

(Greek letters used here because more than one of them have objected in the past to my use of letters of the English alphabet in place of names).

Why? Well, nothing to do with little innocent me! I'm a firm believer in the old adage: when these many many people dislike me, it's all their fault. So there!

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