December 11, 2007

Omaha, Gurgaon

19 year-old Robert Hawkins walked into a mall in Omaha a few days ago. A deeply-troubled man, he had been through years of counseling and psychiatric treatment. Under his jacket, he carried a gun into the mall. He pulled it out and began shooting. Eight people died at his hands before he turned the gun on himself.

At this school in Gurgaon, they "equally accentuate on the safety of every child with cameras set throughout to better monitor each and every activity in and outside the classrooms." Even so, 14 year-old Akash Yadav managed to smuggle his father's pistol into the school today. He and his brother Vikas used it to shoot dead a classmate they had had some argument with, Abhishek Tyagi.

What's there to say.


Postscript: In my Hindustan Times this morning (Dec 12) is a somewhat modified version of this article. In particular, the print version starts with these two sentences:
    The teenage shoot-out in Euro International School in Gurgaon has stumped the psychologists and educationists across the city. While some have expressed shock, some say the trend, which is popular in the western world, was not too far from reaching Indian shores.


Anonymous said...

Came across a graffiti a few minutes ago. It said -- "Don't hit kids. No. Seriously. They have guns now."

Anonymous said...

and Arvada and Colo. springs.

Anonymous said...

The e-paper has an updated -- a slightly better --
"Some have expressed shock, but others say this violent trend seems to have reached Indian shores from the West."