January 01, 2008

On the corner

In the morning, there's a red Ford pickup truck parked at the corner. Red, circa '60s, flat bed. Somehow, somehow, I don't think it's just a coincidence that it's here.

From small speakers high on the wall of the building across the road wafts the old Eagles tune, "New Kid in Town." Before, it was "Heartache Tonight." After, it's "Lyin' Eyes". Other Eagles tunes follow, and only Eagles tunes. The music, it's not a coincidence either.

It comes courtesy the store on that corner, Roadworks. I walk in there and ask the woman in charge, don't you get sick of the Eagles music? "No, not really," she says. "I just tune it out, y'know."

On the wall beyond the red Ford is a deceptively realistic trompe-l'oeil. Four windows on top, one with an eagle (get it?) on the sill, another with the torsos of a couple in an embrace. Below, a Ford pickup again, this one with a smiling girl behind the wheel. She's looking right at the statue beside me: a young man with a guitar, standing there. Above him on the lamp post, a sign says "Standin' on the Corner".

The Eagles also had a hit called "Take It Easy." It hasn't wafted from the Roadworks speakers yet, but somehow I have no doubt it will, if I just wait a while. And that wouldn't be a coincidence either.

In the song, the second verse goes like this:

Standin' on the corner
In Winslow, Arizona,
Such a fine sight to see.
It's a girl, my lord,
In a flatbed Ford,
Slowin' down to take a look at me.

In chilly windswept Winslow, you will find the Standin' on the Corner Park. I had to go.

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Kartik said...

So you finally made it to that corner in Winslow AZ :-) Too bad about the roadrunner though.