February 24, 2008

Clippings and episodes

One-point-five years ago, I posted this, resolving to thrust more such on you.

Well, it slipped off my radar ... until now. Here's one more. Names changed, otherwise verbatim. Let me see if I can make this an occasional series.


M.N. Johnson 302
Sea Pebbles, Juhu Road

Mr R.S. Rangachari

Dear Sir

I have read your artical in the Indian Expresse

I am much appreciated your articals.

You may be shockedt to hear on the 15Th may 1987 the lok Sabha critisezed the performence of the telephone Is 31'9 percent are Dead or sick. I am ceartain the figre may the order of 50 percent

The Tele phone depraetment is adopted the mathode of year 1868

An age when men attempting to routinise travel to moon and Making a modern attemptine to sending man in the mars and we have even made remote sencing Satellit and located at the space I have suggested many ways and means to imrove and keep all phone working.

I have asked for a sub contract to modifie the existing cable and wiring work frome chewing rat and cr-ows so as to keep all phone working in condition but I have not e ven received a letter from them for the last four years

I have the practical experianc of 47 years woringin Burmah Sheel Fire stone Bombay high complex Shipping corpn for cable / wirings

I am having the paper clipping of 300 and which is having the episodes of 1000 .

I will enter mr name in the GUINESS book when I will have a clipping of 500 and 2000 episodes there for please keep on writtin when ever any dead phone

This is only fore your information

Thanking you in advance
M.N. Johnson