March 07, 2008

Odds and ends and gloves

This guy (find and don't miss his slither) reminded me. Some weeks ago, I heard on the radio about this lady and made a mental note to check out her site. (Also heard about this).

On another note altogether, this page has a number of comments discussing recent assaults on "outsiders" in Bombay. One such commenter says (among other things):
    "For too many years Mumbai has welcomed people from other parts of the country while locals have lived in the shadows and this has lead to the eroding of local language and culture. ... The state government should introduce laws to allow local to be given first preference and then non locals can be choosen."
Q: Where does this comment come from?

A: Melbourne.


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Reminded me of a long discourse I received on "too many outsiders in BLR", conducted with some fair passion, in Sunnyvale. The conclusion was reached that they were suffering in Sunnyvale for 2-3 yrs because of the outsiders flooding into BLR, and much satisfaction derived.