March 01, 2008

Quick bull

An Air India flight from Delhi lands at Kanpur airport. It hits a neelgai (literally, "blue bull"), a wild bull. Here are some excerpts from a report about this episode in the Hindustan Times (Feb 29):

  • "The neelgai ... immediately recovered from the impact and disappeared into the dense habitat. However later it was found dead nearby."

  • "The aircraft had barely covered 50 metres [after touchdown] when a blue bull swarmed out of the weed and ran wildly in different directions."

  • "The pilot well-versed with the blue bull menace at the airport saw the animal cut down speed from 250 kph to 150 kph."

    Must have been an exciting morning at the Kanpur airport.

    I would like to know, though, how the pilot measured both the bull's speed and its slowdown. Given that speed, I would also like to enter this animal in various races and -- why not? -- even the Guinness Book.

    Pity it's dead.
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    Sidhusaaheb said...

    ...saw the animal 'and' cut down speed...? :D