April 14, 2008


Two people I know, and whose thinking I have a lot of respect for, have recent articles I'd like to recommend:

  • Jeremy Seabrook. (Well, I've only met Seabrook once).

  • Siddharth Dube. (The previous article he refers to is here).

    Anonymous said...

    The patient has been diagnosed , a prescription has been written but there is neither a pharmacy in sight , nor a way to find if the doctor is a quack and certainly no money to buy the medicine.

    NANDKISHORE said...

    Rural india is suffering due to poverty main problem is Education
    and language. As no education and
    no English.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for pointing out these two articles. Excellent, to say the least. If only our policy makers would spend time to read these opinions (and that of other people who know their stuff) rather than living in their own deep wells.