June 22, 2008


And here's Natalia Bykova, female bodyguard in Russia who "carries a Makharov pistol", quoted in the Times of India, July 22 2003:

"There are many simple but very effective ways of disabling someone. My favourite is poking one's fingers into the assailant's eyes while pushing his nose upwards, crushing it into his face."

I don't know. Seems a little passive to me. I might add: administer a kick to the back of the knee, punch him twice in the gut and pinch his cheeks, head-butt him in the ribs, slap his face and pull his hair, knee him in the groin and bite his ear, chop down hard on the side of his neck.

And before all that, shoot him through the heart with that pistol.

Not that might just disable him.


Sidhusaaheb said...

Her way of 'disabling' an assailant appears appropriate only if she aims at 'disabling' the other person long enough for her to run for her life. Being a bodyguard, as she is supposed to be, what about guarding the body of the one that she is meant to protect, in that case?

The Unadorned said...

Yes, I agree with sidhusaaheb. Overpowering the opponent and not maiming him/her should be a bodyguard's aim.


Anonymous said...

eww.. gruesome

Ajeya said...

lol :)