July 05, 2008

About *-*

About those aforementioned, or afourmentioned, books that I have recently reviewed, the fourth was Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture. The current issue of Tehelka carries my review.

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km said...

Good stuff. Thanks,

AmOK said...

What about this Mr. D? Nar-Mada damned. Off topic I admit. But life ends fun here.

Anonymous said...

If "postmodernist" anthropology twerps want to do an "ethnography" of living, breathing female fanatics, here's inspiration:


These femme fatales know best how to use their femininity in the service of spreading fanaticism. They will conceive jihadis, deliver jihadis and raise jihadis. Comrade Roy should try and match that. She could begin by spending some quality time with her hubby in her Pachmarhi holiday home.

Speaking of female fanatics, why isn't Comrade Mukta Khanna seen these days?

Anonymous said...

As a person who always takes a cautious centrist position, I do not believe that ethnographies should be restricted to Jihadi women. Congress women, Commmunist women, BJP women and Citizens for Peace women are also interesting subjects to study.

Anonymous said...

Any Tom, dash and Harry knows you're a centrist like Jai, Tom.

No, you're not Tom. You're the dash.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. They will iron your kurta pajama and they will also raise your little jihadi ones. What more could a man want?