July 29, 2008

Call, again

Not at home in Bombay right now. Monday afternoon, the phone there rings. My wife, who had herself been away most of the weekend, answers, noting that it's an England number (country code 44). Oddly though, it's truncated.

It's the man who last called last September, and who has called several times before, once claiming to be in Delhi. The same unmistakable mousy voice.

He asks for me, then says: "Dilip should be careful, after his bombs have gone off in Islamabad ... err, I mean Ahmedabad."

My wife hangs up.


AmOK said...

Sounds like a sarcastic (nit)wit. Not a netter either. I would not advertise his calls on the web. Unless by plan.

Sidhusaaheb said...

It should be a good idea to maintain a record of all the numbers that he calls from, I think, besides the dates and times.