July 23, 2008

In peril

Nine soldiers were killed in a blast in Kashmir on July 19. I learned about this tragic outrage via a tiny news item in my July 20 paper. (I was especially interested because this happened on a road I took in 2004, on my way to learn about a soldier who died similarly then).

For four days now, I've tried various ways to find the names of these dead soldiers. No luck, though I'm still trying.

In contrast, this morning Argal, Kulaste and Bhagora are front page names across this vast land, along with hand-wringing about Parliamentary Democracy in peril in this vast land, maybe even near death. (As if what happened with these gents is either a new or unusual story).

Makes me wonder.


Kavi said...

Neither is a unusual Dilip.

Neither the unsung hero. Nor the philandering politician. (Of course, there is the other dimension of the 'issue' hungry media).

Nor is the disquiet in the minds of small pockets of society that are more concerned about the soul (s) who is less heard.

May their souls rest in peace. The front page varieties are soulless. so, it wouldnt matter.

Anonymous said...

"As if what happened with these gents is either a new or unusual story"

A more succinct realpolitik view of these developments has been hard to find. I continue to be moved though, by the desire for a different reality.


Nanana said...

In English language media, only the Daily Excelsior (usually) mentions the names and units of the soldiers.


Not there this case. All were soldiers on leave

Anonymous said...

let their souls rest in peace