July 16, 2008


It has been brought to my notice (thank you ma'am) that this blog has been brought to the notice of a respected Fellow at the "International Foundation for the Promotion of National Greatness", and that he has commented on its contents.

Naturally, I'm flattered. It's not every day that such happenings happen.

But having been a visiting fellow at the selfsame establishment myself, I feel I must spell out for you its full name. Which is the "International Foundation for Prospecting In Natural Gas and the Promotion Of National Greatness."

It is important that we know its full name, because the Foundation has hosted a number of fellows over the years. Some have gone on to record some spectacular achievements, and I use that word "record" deliberately. One such fellow is mentioned here.

Note especially his achievement of April 14 1994 and the one in 1997.

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Kavi said...

I am truly inspired. Possibilities exist for such natural gas & consequent survival !