August 16, 2008

I'm not

The count now stands at 4-4.

The first 4: In just over two weeks on the road, four different people have asked me if I'm a doctor. The latest, at a convenience store today. As I searched for orange juice, the guy behind the counter came up and hesitantly asked, "are you the heart doctor who's been treating my grandmother?"

I'm not. So I said so. He said, "yeah, when you came in, I told myself, could that be the doc? Ah, but that guy is just an amazing doctor. He's straightened my granny out completely!"

Some days earlier, there was the biker couple from Ohio in a national park in South Dakota. The woman got off the bike still wearing her Harley jacket and soft cap; she was carrying a Chihuahua wearing the identical Harley gear, only one size smaller. "Flirt here's a BIG chihuahua," she told me.

Then her husband came up. "You're Dr Sanjay, aren't you?" he asked.

I'm not. So I said so.

Like that.

The second 4: In just over two weeks, four different people -- among them, a judge and a libertarian economist -- have asked me if I'm related to Dinesh D'Souza.

I'm not. So I said so.


Anonymous said...

Hello Comrade Aikath, are you related to Seema Sirohi of Outlook fame? She seems to think all Indians who blog are "soldiers stationed abroad". She apparently has been venting bile against a prominent Indian blogger thinking he's, you know, a soldier stationed abroad. Since currently you're stationed abroad, can you try and knock some sense into her? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Comrade dcubed, just to say once more, your travel writing is quite the sea change from your other stuff, which drips hatred. Stick to the travel stuff, got that? Its worth reading.