August 26, 2008

What saved your life?

Signs and other miscellanea seen on the road:

  • Don't Give Up: Moses Was a Basket Case

  • Treat Yourself. Eat Beef.

  • Bliss: Next 2 Exits

  • I'm Pro-Choice on Everything!

  • Be True To America. Support Our Troops and our President. Body Piercing Saved my Life.

  • God Blesses Obedient Nations!

  • 45th Parallel. Halfway Between Equator and North Pole.

  • That Lane

  • Tensed Community Church

  • Experimental Stewardship Area

  • Here he lay all cold and hard, the last damn dog who pooped in my yard.

  • Land for sale all over Utah, 5-12000 acres.


    The only reason I mention that last one is that at first glance, I did a double take over the website name. I read "".
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