September 25, 2008

Of the economic elite

"Or we might talk about that other great nemesis of the bathroom cleaner -- pubic hair. I don't know what it is about the American upper class, but they seem to be shedding their pubic hair at an alarming rate. You find it in quantity in shower stalls, bathtubs, Jacuzzis, drains, and even, unaccountably, in sinks. Once I spent fifteen minutes crouching in a huge four-person Jacuzzi, maddened by the effort of finding the dark little coils camouflaged against the eggplant-colored ceramic background but fascinated by the image of the pubes of the economic elite, which must by this time be completely bald."

Who wrote that, and where? (Usual: No Google/Wiki/Dogpile/Cuil/whatever)


Anonymous said...

With the Nanavati Commission report coming out, it has been proved once again that you Indians are fools. Whites can supply prostitutes to your journalists and make you write whatever we want.

White people supplied prostitutes to leading editors in Delhi and Mumbai and ordered you to claim that Sabarmati Express exploded all by itself and that Narendra Modi killed Muslims and that not a single Hindu was killed in the ensuing riots.

You morons can be easily controlled. All it takes is one bottle of whiskey (what is it about whiskey that Indians like?) and one prostitute per journalist.

The funniest was when you guys even spread that chain mail claim attributing the detailed description to Anil Soni of PTI. All this in exchange for services from a whore! Wait for further orders, you fools!

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Anonymous said...

Got to be Dave Barry or me.

- Z

bela said...

kurt vonnegut perhaps?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Not Dave Barry, not Z, not Vonnegut. Instead, Barbara Ehrenreich, in her "Nickle and Dimed".

Anonymous said...

I thought as much - where she has the job of the cleaning lady, isn't it? That is one eye-opening chapter, especially for anyone thinking of employing a cleaning service. I had no idea they paid only minimum wage to the employees while pocketing a hefty sum from the client. And I loved it when she spoke of objets d'art as being a barrier between the job an dthe door and how they grew to loathe houses taht were excessively decorated!

I also liked where she spoke about how poorer people lead relatively more expensive lives (paying for motel rooms by the day instead of getting a monthly-rent studio) because of the lack of cash to invest in the future.

Have you read the new biography of Jacob Riis? (Is that theright name - the author of "how the othr half lives"? )


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos.


Anonymous said...

Barbara Ehrenreich!!
But I'm too late for the grand raffle.

And I discovered her because someone gifted me "The Worst Years of Our Lives" during my hormone challenged years and then I read some more. Plus, I was summoning her for a post last evening.

- Scherezade