October 11, 2008

Michael and Hussein

In the run up to an election in 2002, Narender Modi "repeatedly referred" (7th para) to the then-Chief Election Commissioner of India, J M Lyngdoh, by his full name, James Michael Lyngdoh. (Another report).

Others have clearly learned from the same playbook as Modi.

Example: Bill Platt, Lehigh County (Pennsylvania) Republican Party chairman. Introducing John McCain and Sarah Palin to the waiting crowd, Platt said: "Think about how you'll feel on 5 November if you wake up and see the news, that Barack Obama – that's Barack Hussein Obama – is the president-elect of the United States."

Example: another warm-up speaker at a Palin rally in Florida said: "On Nov. 4, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened."

(Novelist Khalid Hosseini's response to these events).

All in all, I'm reminded of this article I wrote six years ago.


km said...


Completely off-topic, but that's a fantastic picture on your blog's masthead! Did you take it?

Dilip D'Souza said...

km, indeed I did take it! Thank you. Chai shop near Barmer, Rajasthan, early one morning after a bizarrely wet night, March 2006.

Anonymous said...

Most parts, your old article is in syc with the current post but I got confused at the end:

"Or is it the suspicion that produces those atrocities? Are they then justified?"

Well I dont know if my suspecting anybody of being a murderer or rapist will get that person to commit murders or rapes... and if and when he does so, should the blame partly pass on to me for suspecting him apriori.

Id like to suspect a whole lot of people of being nobel prize winners, inventors, geniuses etc. I hope they will remember the help I gave them, if and when one of them actually lives up to my suspicions.