October 08, 2008

Sri Lanka, and Orissa

Various Indian individuals and organizations have criticized the ongoing Sri Lankan offensive against ethnic Tamils in the northern part of that country, even calling for the Indian government to "intervene". On Monday, the Indian government officially criticized the offensive. On Tuesday, the Sri Lankan government reacted to India's concern by saying we are being "misled" by the LTTE.

It reminds me of about a month ago, when (among others) the Italian government spoke critically of the violence against Christians in Orissa. In some circles, this was greeted with "Why is it any of Italy's business?" (for one example, read Desipundit here).

Are those same circles now wondering aloud why what's happening in Sri Lanka is any of India's business?

As for me, I think killings anywhere are the business of all of us anywhere. We should ask hard questions of Sri Lanka, and we should answer the hard questions asked of us.


Mourya said...

nive one to see your blog waht a great title.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between the two cases. Sri Lanka is the one that keeps asking for India's intervention.

Orissa is a different case. Christians have caused trouble there. There is talk of banning Bajrang Dal, but anyone who can think properly will realize that Christianity itself needs to be banned across the globe.

I speak as an insider who was raised a Roman Catholic. I know from the inside about all the talk of sin, infiltrating the important positions and attacking other religious beliefs. There is so much hate within the church. Look at the mess they created in Orissa.

The time to ban Christianity has come. India could take the lead in doing this and setting an example to the world.

BTW, you should read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. It is an amazing book.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Dilip,
I couldn't agree with you more. But I will also point out that the discussion in the media on the question of Orissa has been concerned with 'India's image' because the powerful west is asking direct uncomfortable questions on India's internal mess. I don't remember hearing any talk of India's image after Gujarat. In fact people responded visciously with arguments about violation of sovereignty when Modi was denied a visa by the US.

Anonymous said...


i dont see any big difference. Sri Lanka is a state and it can ask help
India or china.
Your ASSUMPTION that chsirtians have caused trouble is a BIG lie
which you must overcome.On the contrary its the Swamy
who meddled with peaceful aboriginal people of orissa and their
freedom to live a better life and choose whatever they want to follow.

I believe there should be ban on any orgs which encourage terrorism
like SIMI or Bajrang dal or RSS all are of same category as one man's
freedomfighter is another mans terrorist.I believe as for a peace loving
society to prevail we need to ban them, i think its justified to ban Bajrang Dal as
justified as it is banning SIMI. If you start justifying Bajrang dal
for the very same logic there are people who justify SIMI and we DONT
want terrorism from anybody. I dont like PATRIOT GOONDAS as Dilip put forward.

Your logic of banning christianity across globe sounds moronic. That statement itself makes
me uncomfortable responding to your comments, whether you really deserve a response.

Dont bring this i am RC etc story lol it sounds immature ,unevolved,unrefined.
we dont care if you are RC or a RAT basically your thinking is wrong.

ramki if church is having problem church will resolve it and no religious institution
is perfect in this world since you are in a deep well of RC you are able to look only at your fellows

Now your call for banning christianity in India make me doubt weather you are really a RC,
dont assume your spitting of i am an RC does not make me believe you are a christian, infact
i guess you are some kind of aryan bajrangi trying to show milk of your face.

what do you want to do with hinduism? do you want to ban it or follow it? do you think its not corrupt?
or are you acting blind, and for g_d sake STOP this advice of read Dawkins crap.


Mourya said...

I think this thing has became foolishness, we people are the one who has created similarities and dissimilarities amomg the human being. When we were stoneage we were not knowing what about cast reigion god and godess and when we got educated then we got in trouble. Some say someting and other follow them as treating them leader instead of helping they try to creat proble,. I think we should not see such unwanted matter. What we can do our indian politician is so bad and corrupted, that they say horse is a donkey then we have to say the same.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Thanks for pointing out the DOUBLE-STANDARDS practised by a large number of Indians!

You are absolutely right about equating Italy's or France's 'concern' about Christians in India with India's 'concern' about Tamils in Sri Lanka. Interference in another country's internal affairs should not be passed off as something else when it is done by India.