November 04, 2008

Hard Work of Peace

As part of a "Peace Series" in the Times of India, a joint effort with Citizens for Peace, I have an article in today's Times. Especially because I'm on a very slow dialup where I am, I haven't been able to locate it on the Times site. But it is available on the Citizens for Peace site, here.

Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

"seeing it for what it is" sounds too passive while 'waging peace' is more satisfying.

Is there anything concrete, like some platform where MH and Bihari regular folks (not P3 types) come together and celebrate their commonalities - for i think we are not quite mature enough to celebrate our differences, we regular folk- esp when temps are high- that you can arrange?

is something like this already happening. can it be made regular and recurring- for surely the opp crowd are unrelenting in their divisive drive - instead of knee-jerk reactions after each such incident.

PS: "Other commentator"'s stock sits low right around now with me but its a stretch to link him to cheerleading rioters. If nothing else Dilip, take him as the other you can talk with.

R. said...

The way I see it, there are two kinds of people one kind who think violence is ok (and there is a wide range of them, the ones that believe that violence is OK as a deterrant to violence is ok just about anytime of the day) and the other kind who don't believe in violence. Is there a middle ground? I don't think so.