December 06, 2008

Bas karaa: enough

One more short post linking to something else ... if you understand Marathi, please read T, who signs herself "one ordinary mumbaikar", but is one passionate, articulate lady.


Chetan said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing this link. Call me a guilt ridden liberal or whatever else, sharmene maan khaali vakli after reading that. Even though the rational side says that I should not be feeling that way because I don't support the hate campaign, yet the emotional side forces me to feel apologetic on behalf of the community I am proud to call my own, knowing that some members from the community have been brain washed by Thackeray's rhetoric.

It pains even more when I notice a passive support for such a demagogue amongst many of my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

I am kodumai kodumai.

Anonymous said...

Listen, I changed my mind -- I am Sriram again.

Blueshift said...

Hi Dilip

There is an excellent article in CNN on genocide titled They killed their neighbors: genocide's foot soldiers.

check this
Experts have reached a troubling conclusion: It was actually very easy for the architects of genocide to find more than enough ordinary people to do the killing.

Genocide is often the result of a "perfect storm." A country reeling from political and economic turmoil, a fanatical leader promising to make things better and a vulnerable population targeted for blame -- all combine in a blueprint for mass murder.

Do you think India is reaching there ?