December 01, 2008


What gives me some faith, in a time of anger and despair (the first two of what I hope will be a list that grows):

* A man spurned.

* The outrage over "small incident".

* The outrage over a canine reference. (One report, and a sample of the outrage).

Please let me know of any more.


Anonymous said...
----At no point did he mention anything about any monetary support, at least not to me,” Kavita told The Indian Express. ---------

Whizkid said...
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Whizkid said...

VS was under huge pressure in Kerala for not making it to Major Unnikrishnan's funeral. VS and kerala home minister Koodiyeri Balakrishnan got a good pasting from the bereaved father. in full media view.

Anonymous said...

The NDTV show was awesome, appealing despite the heart rending accounts of some participants. Kudos to Barkha for running one like that.

I see millions of small ripples in the ocean. Quantam physics says that when many small waves of similar amplitude resonate together, that they can feed into into each other and end up as a gigantic one.

Heads are rolling. Have the political classes woken up. Am I seeing a Berlin wall falling. Is there a Gandhi around to repeat 1929 & 1942?

Or is this just another one of those illusions in the desert that my mind is?.

Anonymous said...

Here's one Dilip:

Ansar Burney gives blood in Mumbai hospital.

I've been following news abt this gentleman for a while, I hope they have lots more like him, and in positions of power. I wonder why he's an ex-Minister. Zardari sounds the most reasonable in a long list of Pak PMs (well so far at least). He should make use of Mr.Burney in some kind of unity government there.


Anonymous said...


First they support groups that bomb us and then in a fake show give blood. We have had enough of this drama.

I am appalled at this.

Anonymous said...
They seem to agree with Rajdeep's analysis of the whole event.
But they seem to oppose the groups that Kuldeep Nayyar is sympathetic to.

Anonymous said...

The liberals are getting the 'balance' right.....that is some journey....hope this continues until they realise the true face of Pak based terror

Anonymous said...

Very moving piece.....

...alas Islamic terror did them in....

Has any minotity anywhere in the world have said that they have never faced persecution?...

Am proud to be a Hindu....No minorities suffered in this punyabhoomi until the arrival of Islam.

Liberals, understand that Hindu extremism is merely a response to Islamic terror because the modern 'secular' Indian state has failed to act on it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear
Even during such times Dilip's prejudices show. See how the above was highlighted, but he completely ignored this:

Oh BTW i forgot 'different strokes for different folks'

I just think it is high time common folks stand together and prevent the state from failing - which is where we are heading.

Sai has the best piece:

But remember - Dilip - you did not see any good qualities in Dr Kalam

Anonymous said...

Re.Zardari being reasonable, it looks like I have to take it back.

they backed out of sending the ISI chief, and now they said they wont handover the list of 20.

...including Indians like Dawood. It looks like they have at least inadvertently admitted Dawood is in Pak.

As NYT said, by Saturday Pak blustered like they were the victims.

The same old shuffle dance, that we have seen so many times.

" Prosecution by Paki courts if there is proof, as of now we dont see proof etc"

I thought we were turning a page here, and terrorists would have a demonstrated proof they couldnt hide out in Pak, with Pak handing over these guys.

I thought this could happen with we're_in_this_together Zardari

our opinion guys were analyzing Pak into 4, or 5 different actors and excusing Zardari and his govt already. the guy had generated some goodwill.

Unless there is at least some give here, I think this will soon yield us a PM that will approve covert ops against ppl like these 20. Unhappily, this person is likely to be N. Modi. Worse, this may only be more problematic long-term.

The bare minimum is to see these guys in a Paki slammer immediately and charges seriously pursued (follow the adventures of Rashid Rauf on the Acorn to see how much of a joke Paki prosecution can be).

Pls stay angry guys and demand more from our current govt to keep the heat on, or uh, get ready for Modi rule :-( and more gloom.