January 15, 2009

Bravery, #2

Nearly two months after the attacks on Bombay, about 500 of India's most courageous men have, once again, swung into action.

I think they are right. You fight terror most effectively by throwing out the stand-up comedian.

(Their earlier bravery).

Postscript: I almost forgot. True bravery is when you go in posses numbering 500 to throw out the stand-up comedian.


Prashant said...

Dilip are you the same guy who once wrote an article on rediff about the women pulling each others undergarment in the Thai Parliament???

Anonymous said...

Actually a pity. I alway enjoyed Shakeel's comedic routines. He was very spontaneous compared to the others and always came up with good gags.

Mihir said...

Hi, I have a section on my blog titled 'Copy/Paste' where I do exactly that...

I have included this post there with a link to the original. Hope that's ok!

If you mind, nevermind. I will remove it. :)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Prashant, if you mean Taiwan and not Thailand, I am indeed that guy. I believe you mean this article. May those parliamentarians live long, with or without underwear.

Mihir, you're welcome to link anytime! Thanks.