January 12, 2009


A little over two years ago, I asked in this space because I had no good answer then, "what happens when someone leaves a pithy, thought-provoking comment on a post that's many months old?"

I still have no good answer, which is a pity, because I'm faced with the same dilemma again. The post I'm referring to is about three weeks old, and in fact is really a guest essay. Two days ago, somebody left a comment there that, like before, I think is valuable enough that I need to reproduce it here instead of leaving it unread there. As you will see, it also adds significantly to the debate on that guest post.

In full and unedited, here is that comment:
Anonymous said...
Jesus was a bastard.Or he was a myth created by paul and a declining roman empire.

You should be ashamed of your christist name D'Souza.You claim to fight for justice.

Do you have the honesty to give up the sign of slavery-your name D'Souza.

I would then be ready to accept your pretensions.

January 10, 2009 4:43 PM


Speaking of valuable comments ...

... the ones you will find on this page are truly valuable. I would venture to say, they are even more valuable than the article and issue they are commenting on -- which are remarkable enough.

After all, how much more valuable can you get than this? -- "Though it is a rumour, we are proud of such rumours."

And no, I am not Deepak.


Anonymous said...

"what happens when someone leaves a pithy, thought-provoking comment on a post that's many months old?"

If it's a real special comment like the one in your post, I suggest comment moderation to prevent such an occurence in the first place, as publishing it will only leave you wondering how to react to it. Nip it in the bud, so to speak. But then, by not letting us read it, you'd be depriving us of a few good laughs :-)

If it's a good thought provoking comment, just leave it alone. One or more of the other commentators might respond to it (some of us subscribe to new comment alerts). I've been to online discussion forums whose posts had people commenting on them for years. In a way, you might consider it a sign of how popular your posts are.

Pankaj said...


If your idea was to publicise this "pithy, thought-provoking" comment, you succeeded. Thanks for the laugh.

If your question is how to alert readers to some comments on some old posts, you could move up the old post, or, as you have done in this case, draw attention to the comment through another, current post. I don't know if Blogger has a facility to allow latest comments (and a reference to the post to which they pertain), to be shown in a panel on the screen. If it has, this feature could be utlised.

If your question is how to keep such comments out, follow Daniel's suggestion and use moderation. Or ask users to register their e-mail IDs with you, verify them, with your site and allow only registered users to comment (lot of housekeeping plus the responsibility to keep personal data secure). Or do not allow comments on the post, but leave an e-mail link through which commenters can send you their tuppenny's worth of goodies (or trash!). You could then publicise the comments that you want to in a subsequent post.

And you thought the difficult party of blogging was figuring out what to blog about and to work out the contents?

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