February 27, 2009

Baburao Samant

One more of the old guard passes on. Baburao Samant died on February 26 2009. Last night, hundreds like me made our way to his Goregaon home to pay our respects to a dogged, clear-headed, forthright and upright man.

My late father, JB, worked with Baburao on Baburao's dream, a large low-cost housing project in Goregaon (I referred to it here, towards the end). Over the years, they developed a deep respect and affection for each other. I know how saddened Baburao was by my father's death; I know too that were he with us, JB would have been devastated today by Baburao's death.

As ever, go well, Baburao. You touched many many lives, and in that sense, you live on.

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Anonymous said...

Dilip..joining you in condoling the demise of Baburao. Though I don't know this person ( shame on our social and political discourse) but going by what you've said about him I think he should have led a great life of service.

Don't want this great son of India to go without even a single post on this blog.