February 11, 2009

The car, then the soap, then thumbs

Meanwhile again at the Kala Ghoda Festival ...

* It might be Ganesh's car and an art installation induces guilt.

* Two women don't fit in a frame, there are more postcards, and I still wonder about soap.

And as a parting shot, this advice from the city's traffic police, flashed in red on big signs at various busy traffic junctions:

"Avoid 90 degree turn of right hand thumb to honk."

I'm scratching my head about this, though not with my thumb because I fear a subsequent injunction saying "Avoid 90 degree turn of right hand thumb to scratch head."

If you have an explanation, I'm all ears. Or all thumbs. One or the other.


Anonymous said...

Avoid right angled turn
Of right hand thumb.
To Honk?

ergonomics! be careful with the thumb or you will get RSI.

Anonymous said...

there was something in high school physics about right hand thumb rule. something connecting magnetism and direction of current flow. whatever that was don't use it to honk.
In simple english, stop the damn honking.

km said...

ROFL@ the 90-degree turn. If you ever parse that sign, let us know.

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