February 18, 2009

War, peace and journalism

Infochange India publishes a regular dossier on a selected theme, called Agenda. The theme for the current issue is "Reporting Conflict". I have an essay in there, War, peace and journalism.

Comments welcome.


csm said...

dd - fantastic.
i lost a bit of traction with your writing over the last year, but i am glad to rank this article very high :-)
wanted to catch up with you when the CFP had organised a small chat with jayesh patel and nipun mehta. am sure that you must have heard about that chat from rajni and team.
i seriously recommend you to visit jayeshbhai at manav sadhna (www.manavsadhna.org) in ahemdabad. he is doing great work in many areas including peace and harmony in ahd.

??! said...


The article made me think of how peace/war is like a tree being logged. It takes years to build something beautiful, and just a few hours to utterly demolish it.

(And umm...this still remains my moniker. Even if it does feel rude to use it.)

Pareshaan said...

Great essay boss, the Sledge account of the marine slicing up the Jap was hard to read, even though it was only a few lines.
It's accounts like these which make you realize why old army men, talk of camps, strategies, COs, soldiers, ration and everything else but the fighting. They keep the enemy as an abstract.
The saner ones thinking of it as a job that needs to be done, while the weaker ones seek refuge in hate.
Terrible thing is that eternal peace seems as impossible as eternal war is unwanted.
Maybe that's just mankind's make-up, maybe society cannot justify it's existence unless it has someone to hate collectively.

Rohan said...

A beautiful piece Dilip. Loved the worldview.