April 29, 2009

Amnesty and magnanimity

The free market that is modern cricket -- at least as propounded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India -- has just demonstrated its market-driven magnanimity. As of today, all Indian players associated with the ICL will get an "amnesty" if they "cut all ties with the unofficial private league." There will be a "cooling period" of a year before they can become eligible to play international cricket. But they will "be allowed to play domestic cricket immediately."

Magnanimity. You heard it here first.

What I don't get is, why aren't there Indian cricketers who play for the IPL who say, we won't stand for this treatment of fellow professionals who were merely trying to make a living? Is the lure of lucre that overpowering?

I know it matters to nobody, but still: the IPL gets no TRPs from me. And it will not, as long as it talks the language of "bans" and "amnesty" and "cooling periods".


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it was more other free-market enthusiasts who hailed the IPL as its edifice than the BCCI itself. However, since free markets ceased to a fashionable thing last year -- thanks to greedy Wall Street execs -- there's no point talking about it anymore.
"Why aren't there Indian cricketers who play for the IPL who say, we won't stand for this treatment of fellow professionals who were merely trying to make a living?"
I think the lure of the lucre is indeed that overpowering.

Samir said...

Do you have examples of people who've shown the kind of "courage" that you expect from IPL players? I can't think of very many at all -- except for the Fake IPL Player. :)

An analogous case is that of RIAA vs. the musicians. Most bands have not protested the dirty tactics of RIAA, for example.

Lost Paradsie said...

I cant agree more.
I did not see a single match of IPL. Nor followed it for the same reason!

Baby Vaijayanthi said...

Dear Dcubed

I think you have fallen far behind the modern times. Currently, we all believe in the benefits of self interest. Man is purely a selfish animal. And that's all there is nothing more to man.

He is a heroic animal with selfishness as his only true motivation factor (all else is lies especially solidarity, man is a lonely animal not a social animal. Yes 'He'. Because the women are naturally servile, docile beings given to irrational impulses who will serve tea and snacks to Man while he is busy achieving heroic deeds.

Look at the world with that angle and you will see that IPL is alright. Everything is cool.

Baby V
"Solla, Dirty forever, and the IPL makes us strong"

Puppy Manohar said...

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Dear Baby V,

Please don't forget to close your parentheses. I did not expect this from you.


Puppy Manohar

"Canines will always be there for you, even when you don't want them to"

Neeraj said...

What to say? The IPL is cheered on as Lalit Modis brainchild and his cricket redefining concept even while the ICL was being played. SRK, PZ and other show-boaters will always take the cake.

As far as allowing ICL players is concerned, the BCCI are now an organization bursting at its seems with its ego and power..its is kinda cool to think that an Indian org has so much power in deciding world cricketing events but that power should be used in the right way within the country. Ah, shoulds and coulds!

Its way too much to expect any player playing in the IPL to stand up to the IPL. I wouldnt do it if I was a player. There is too much money at stake. Baby V...sorry have to agree with you-self preservation comes first. Its sad but true.

Unknown said...

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