June 15, 2009

Driven by hate

A man is known for his hatred of Jews and blacks. Even his once-wife describes him as "consumed" by it. He has a book and a website that are testaments to the hate he wears like a cloak. Last week, he walks to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, carrying a gun. When an African-American security guard opens the door to him, he lifts the gun and kills the guard.

This is an 89-year-old man. 89 years spent filling yourself with hate. What must that be like, I wonder?

Already there is plenty of speculation about what drove this guy over the edge, though of course to me it seems he went over it a long time ago. (That's what hate is, a plunge over the edge).

There's also speculation about the climate in which this guy lived, the radio and Web and TV talkfests that fuel the prejudices. For only one example, Patrik Jonsson writes in the Christian Science Monitor: "Wednesday's attack is likely to shift local, regional and national police agencies to more closely monitor the hateful chatter that feeds the violent fantasies of would-be domestic terrorists."

Trouble is, you can monitor. But what then?

If you looked at just Indian sites over the last few years, you might have run across words and phrases like these:

"ass licking retard"; "quisling sicko"; "intellectually dishonest"; "[pick a religion]-hating terrorist-enabler"; "he's a cunt"; "you support criminals"; "cheap anti-national slave"; "why doesn't someone kill this bastard? [mentioning a name]"; "burn you loathsome bitch! [mentioning a name as well]"

(Just a sample. There's plenty more. Please don't waste your time trying to find out where these appeared: since I'm not interested in giving those sites traffic, I changed each phrase).

Every one of them covered by the right to free speech, as they should be. Yet as Patrik Jonsson asks elsewhere (well, actually quoting a Steven Emerson): "Somebody yells, 'Kill the umpire!' in the first inning, and then somebody else kills the umpire in the ninth inning. You indict the guy in the ninth inning, but what about the guy who yelled in the first place?"

When differences of opinion are met with language like this, when this language becomes acceptable and mainstream, what does it do to guys already filled with hate?

Maybe it drives them to pick up knives or guns or bombs, walk into places where they'll find the folks they hate, and kill.


Postscript: As a fully supportive coda to this post, there has been a series of enlightening and thought-provoking contributions in the comments. Like with a previous time something like this happened, I felt these comments were valuable enough that I should not leave them there in the darkness; instead, they belong here with the rest of this post.

With no further ado:

I've always thought you were a fucking idiot ... I'd love to be having sex with Priyanka Chopra and Halle Berry at the same time right now ... Fuck off. With a capital F ... you prefer remaining a monkey. ... go and fuck every bitch in heat because the females' genitalia turns red when they're ready to be fucked - kind of like yours are doing so right now ... having your head stuck up your arsehole. Go rub your penis ... moaning and rubbing their penises with glee (or should that be Ghee - better lubricant I imagine?) ... dungheap tonight ... suck Rahul Gandhi's Penis everyday, but only once in 3 sucks, because the remaining 66% is reserved for SC/STs ... Screw your cocksucking skills ... you miserable excuse for genetic filler material.

Postscript #2: Since the last postscript, some more fully supportive and enlightening and ... [etc] ... contributions in the comments, from the same person(s). I felt these comments were valuable enough ... [etc] ...

With no more further ado:

these bastards are ok with violence ... you people who are the biggest advocates of hate and divisveness. You're as bad as the Hindu & Muslim Terrorists ... talk with your head up your arse? Through your Butt Cheeks? ... brush your butt cheeks to prevent cavities? ... stupid as you have shown to be ... already foaming at the mouth.


This NYT article may be of interest as well.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I'm sure making comments like "Anonymous" above is also a mark of "civilization". Primates swinging from trees don't do it.

Ot said...

Dcubed, you're still attracting the guys with sour grapes after the BJP defeat! Example: Anonymous above. Obviously you touched a nerve in the bloke.

Oh yeah, five years of their moaning. I dont' know whether to be sad for them, or rub my hands in glee.

zap said...

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear!? :(

Anonymous said...

> if you can't handle that ..

don't know if he can handle that or not, but don't care either. but its clear you cant handle your name, that's the thing. but what talent, to hide that behind the right to privacy!!!

ot, first time, i agree with you. itll be five good years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you gentleman. It's been fun, but now, I must get back to work.

Ot said...

Dcubed, earlier I said --

>> Obviously you touched a nerve in the bloke.

I take that back. Obviously you touched not one but about a hundred nerves in the bloke. You might as well replace your post with his comments. "Driven by hate", LOL!

Five years of this barrage of moans! Bring it on! Can't wait!

Nikhil said...

Thanks for exposing these violent characters. However did you preached some peace and non-violence to your close friend -Shivam Vij, co-blogger or whatever-I mean the guy who thinks himself as Hitler threatening to eliminate his opponents as jews. To refresh your memory here is what he wrote to one of the violent guys - who you have rightly exposed earlier:

Ya ya - no different stroles for different folks you say. Anyway you will say you do not speak for such characters but will always agree to co-blog with them and keep exposing guys you do not agree with.
Glad to know Dilip makes the world a much safer place.

More interesting is your obsession with BJP. The said guy or anybody else have never mentioned BJP. They have been shown the door. But any statement that does not fit into your template seems to be from these guys.

Ot said...

these bastards are ok with violence, so long as it's directed at their own pet hates. You should go to Kafila.org and look up a post on the murder of a CEO in NOIDA. All of the authors of that site were baying for his blood, and believed that what the workers did to him should be repeated everywhere across India, and that all rich people deserve to be punished. Now this is the point where D'Souza says 'WHERE HAVE I SAID any of this?'. Nowhere, D'Souza, but all of the people on that site are your beloved cronies. It is is you people who are the biggest advocates of hate and divisveness. You're as bad as the Hindu & Muslim Terrorists.

Ot - just one question - How do you manage to talk with your head up your arse? Through your Butt Cheeks? Do you brush your butt cheeks to prevent cavities? Or do you use mouthwash?

By the way, it is interesting to note that nobody reprimands
Ot' for his moniker (I am almost certain you're male - most women wouldn't be as stupid as you have shown to be). Has he given a link to his site? What kind of a name is Ot anyway? Doesn't that make him Anonymous? I mean, here I am, also using his name.

Anonymous said...

Here is the article I refer to:


Note how a commenter by the name of Prashant writes sarcastically that 'the skulls of the rich should be cracked open' and how 2 commenters actually indirectly support that idea, one by the name of 'Arti' and another by the name of 'Manash'. D'Souza here would like you believe that he and is ilk are against divisiveness and hate e.t.c. What do you then make of this website, which he is in full support of?
(D'souza again chimes in to say: 'WHERE HAVE I SAID I support these people?'. Nowhere, D'souza, nowhere. You're incapable of saying anything coherent).

Ramesh said...

interesting that the aformentioned Shivam Vij, whom nikhil wants condemned, has a comment on that kafila post condemning another comment as "extremely disturbing and not just for inciting violence."

meanwhile meantime, i am getting confused with all these ots who talk to each other too. are you one guy or are you three? or are you me?

suggestion: if you are already foaming at the mouth wanting to reply with abuse, save it. ill call myself some names and save you the bother.

but i do agree with nikhil in this: how does ot assume that the anonymous above is a bjp supporter? its not clear to me.

Dilip D'Souza said...


However did you preached some peace and non-violence to your close friend -Shivam Vij...

Thing 1: I preach peace and non-violence to nobody.

Thing 2: You have no idea where I got all those phrases. Give that a thought.

Thing 3: You're right. I speak only for myself. You're welcome to try painting me with others' brushes, but I speak only for myself.

Ot said...

This is the funniest set of comments I've seen in ages, D'Souza! And what makes it better, is that there are at least two guys here, maybe more, trying to impersonate little old ME!

Anonymous said...

Ramesh - so you agree that the link I submitted shows how they were promoting violence? To the extent that Shivam Vij had to reprimand them. Have you ever seen D'Souza take a stand on this? Has he ever condemned this? Anywhere? No? But shouldn't he condemn this too, just like he demand Amitabh Bachchan and all of us Indians condemn attacks on our own population in India? Because while he doesn't wanted to be 'painted with other's brushes', he paints all of us with one - simply because we were quiet and went about our daily business? Who the fuck is he to judge?

And also, my Dear Ramesh - why would I foam in the mouth against you when you have not said anything even a millionth as stupid as the other lapdogs on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Clearly Ot suffers from a bipolar disorder. It is nothing to laugh about.

I do NOT suffer from anything other than a love of Congress

No I don't.

Yes I do.

Ot said...

Incidentally, D'souza and others, I want to make it clear -- I'm a BJP supporter. I voted for them. I will never vote for the Kaangress lapdogs of the Gandhi family.

But I happen to think that the guys who spend their time moaning over BJP defeat, like for e.g. the first Anonymous here, are the party's biggest obstacle to returning to power. That's why I ridicule them.

Nikhil said...

I know where 2 of those comments originated from.

why doesn't someone kill this bastard? [mentioning a name]"; "burn you loathsome bitch! [mentioning a name as well]"

I can even provide the link - but leave that aside.

My question again - Why selectivity. You are ok with the Kafila lunatic fringe. Yes - You do not speak for them. But you even put a post up on that lunatic website, then why not do that for Hindu unity - another lunatic wesite.
When you say:

When differences of opinion are met with language like this, when this language becomes acceptable and mainstream, what does it do to guys already filled with hate?

Did you think about this when you put up a post on Kafila.
Is it acceptable that you share space with a Shivam Vij who threatens extermination, but bad-mouth somebody who asks for a person to be killed.

Please give it a thought.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nikhil, you really are seriously asking me "why selectivity"?

I mean, whatever I do or say, you will accuse me of being selective. You've done it for years and you'll no doubt do it for many more. From where you sit, I'm selective.

Which is really fine with me.

So I just go about doing what I have to or want to, and leave the decisions about selectivity to you. I'm hardly likely to try to explain that to you further.

But I'll say two things, regardless of the paroxysms they might you into.

One, by no means do I consider Kafila a lunatic website. (Again, you're welcome to consider it whatever you like).

Two, I have enormous respect for Shivam Vij.

And that's all I say on the subject.

Ramesh said...

there is a difference between putting up a "hitlist" (carrying postal/email addresses and phone numbers --- hinduUnity), and putting up a post trying to analyse the reasons for a murder (kafila).

its a pity, but it is not even slightly surprising, that some people have ideological blinkers so rigid that they cant' see this difference.

Anonymous said...

Yes ramesh, you're absolutely right. Someday hopefully, D'souza will remove his ideological blinkers. BTW, the Kafila post is more than just harmless posturing. These people have justified the murder of a human being. He had it coming - that's what they have said: 'the party is over’ and ‘there were no other avenues open’ and the ‘cheerleaders of capital had it coming’. Just like every rape victim had it coming. Just like every minority victim had it coming.

Yes, they don't put the names of people up on a hitlist. That is the one small mercy. But this kind of discourse is despicable, and I shudder to think what these people are like real life, that they attept to justify the murder of ANYBODY. But as D'Souza himself has said: He doesn't preach peace and non-violence to anyone. Clearly, because it is OK to murder the enemies of the proletariat.

This makes them no better than the Narendra Modis, the BJP and any other kind of thug. If you note, nowhere in any of my rantings have i said a thing about the BJP, or about Hindu Supremacy or any other shitty religious ideology, but some commentors / fans of D'Souza, IMMEDIATELY jumped on it and decided to bracket me. This is what these people do - they jump to judge people - just as quickly as the fundamentalists and terrorists of other various ideologies. It is the same logic that Lovely D'Souza uses - why do you arrest the man that commits the murder in the 9th Inning vs the guy who says 'Kill the Umpire' in the 1st? These thugs are busy justifying the murder of man, and the comments section talk about how all 'rich' people need to go. Yes, they don't say 'Death to all Rich People' and therefore, you cannot hold them to their word. But learn to read between the lines. Look at all the insuations D'Souza makes in every post - because he doesn't have the courage to admit his real convictions, and because it lets him get away with his childish game of 'WHERE HAVE I SAID'. Do a google search of this guys site and the words 'Where have I said' and you will spot a pattern.

Ramesh said...

Very interesting tactic. Slam a guy for saying something he didnt'. When he asks where he said it, crucif him for asking that also.

Nikhil said...

Dilip himself says that the Kafila website is not a lunatic fringe. Anyway the Hindu unity 'hit list'is a blacklist of Hindu enemies. I agree it is in bad taste. But then what is justifying murder and lynching of people who you do not agree with or shall i call them your hated list?
These are of course cleverly concealed as eliminate the root cause.
For 1992 and 2002 also I say, let us eliminate the root cause and the victims had it coming. After all were they not exploiting tribals in Gujarat in 2002 and these folks turned on them?
Any difference in what I have said above and what appears in Kafila?
But no Kafila is not a lunatic fringe and Mr Vij is respected for calling somebody he disagrees with a jew and himself a nazi. But anybofy else who uses similar language gets 'no respect' from dcubed.
Anyway nice to see Dilip publicly acknowledging his likes.

Ot said...

>> Do a google search of this guys site and the words 'Where have I said' and you will spot a pattern.

Actually I went and did it, like this.

Result: "No posts match your query."

Dilip D'Souza said...

Dear Nikhil, I forgot one thing in my last response to you. You said, "I know where 2 of those comments originated from."

Fine. Well done.

But there were nine altogether, if I'm counting right. Where did the other seven come from? You have no idea.

Give that a thought.

Anonymous said...

> "This makes them no better than the Narendra Modis, the BJP and any other kind of thug. If you note, nowhere in any of my rantings have i said a thing about the BJP"


Ot said...

Is it Anonymous or Ot or nikhil or someone else who gave the link to kafila? All of them are claiming it. Can someone please clarify?

All I know is, it wasnt' me.

Anonymous said...

"a blacklist of Hindu enemies. I agree it is in bad taste."

"bad taste". They post a list of people they want to "hit", it's just "bad taste."

This is my nomination for euphemism of the year.

Ot said...

I am losing count of the number of people here who are impersonating me. D'Souza, can you help?

Oh I forgot, you are incapable of saying anything coherent.

Ot said...

Ot, exactly three guys here are impersonating you. Nikhil and Anonymous and you.

That count, naturally and obviously, excludes me. Right, D'Souza?

Ot said...

It is interesting to note that the Kafila article has been modified from what it used to be earlier, i.e. 4/5 months ago, and now uses less provocative language. Specifically - one sentence has been removed for sure - 'The cheerleaders of capital had it coming' and also, the word 'unfortunate' has been added before the noida incident.

Since you can also control the date published on a blog post, there is now never going to be any way of proving that those bastards at Kafila really are the lunatic fringe. It is interesting to see the lack of integrity displayed by these people. This is a case of 'WHERE HAVE I SAID' to the extreme. Therefore making anybody who dares to challenge anything D'souza or his ilk say look like a lunatic themselves. This is quite awesome. Looks like we will have to take prior screenshots of websites when fisking them. Of course, D'souza would never stoop as low as the Kafila nutjobs. He will just never say anything outright - just insinuate, so that simpletons like Ramesh can come to his defense and say ' he never said that'. And since D'souza has asked other people to come and observe our antics here, excuse me while I go out and put some underwear on. One needs to look one's best in public.

Itna Pilid said...

As leader of the Anonymous Commentors, I hereby declare Victory over the Typists and Communists and other buggers who frequent this site with their stupid Leftist agendas. (*Plants flag*)

It is therefore necessary to frame a new framework for this blog:

1) The author of this blog will support Individual rights, whenever and wherever necessary
2) The author of this blog shall hereby stick to posts of a personal nature, and travelogues, as he lacks the intellectual capacity to discuss anything of any political or economic import.
3) The author of this blog will acknowledge the tyranny of the State with regards to India, and also that the path to salvation lies in having as little government as is possible
4) The author will quit bringing to light silly instances of lousy Airtel Customer Service.
5) The author shall refrain from using the term "Where have I said?"

Failure to abide by these terms will lead to an immediate increase in the number of trolls on this blog.

We hereby declare the new republic of Dcubistan open! Jai Dcubed!

Phoenix said...

After thinking it over for some hours, I'd like to make a confession here. I wrote several of the comments here, impersonating various people. Specifically, the previous three comments are mine (but there are others).

I felt I had to, because the despicable samples of human beings that author and frequent this blog needed to be exposed for the despicable creatures they are.

But now I feel its makes my case stronger if I post as myself: Phoenix, earlier known as TTG.

zap said...

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

I'm a repeater too.

Phoenix said...

> No you didn't, you moron. I impersonated myself.

Nobody impersonates me, so I dont take kindly to this, y'hear me now?

It's not for nothing that I call myself Tarun The Great (TTG), aka Phoenix, although my name is just Tarun Pall.

I'm proud that Im using my own name. How many of the guys I've impersonated on this page can say they did the same?

Ot said...

What happened between this:

"my Dear Ramesh - why would I foam in the mouth against you when you have not said anything even a millionth as stupid as the other lapdogs on this blog?"

and this:

"so that simpletons like Ramesh can come to his defense"


Ot said...

I don't know who that guy is, but I'm not him. Interesting that you object to HinduUnity putting people's names up on a 'hitlist' but have no respect for other people's anonymity. But the beauty of anonymity is you can impersonate anybody you want, and yet they don't seem to be able to find, haha.

Anonymous said...

"Interesting that you object to HinduUnity putting people's names up on a 'hitlist' but have no respect for other people's anonymity."

After ten minutes of trying, I given up my attempt to locate a thread of logic in this sentence.

Anonymous said...

Ten minutes eh? Don't tax yourself. Just do as D'Souza tells you.

Anonymous said...


Dilip said...

WHERE Have I said that I am heterosexual?