June 03, 2009

A few photos

Four photographs I took that I like ... here. Please tell me if you like any of them.


Anonymous said...

As per The Hindu, union cabinet has decided to mobilise global opinion against LeT chief's release.

Was this not done already..if so what we were doing for the past 5 months. India will influence whose opinion this time around...maybe St. Kitts and Nevis, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands. What muppets?

Very soon US and China will arm twist India to the chair in front of Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Another ardous day's work for our MPs in the Lok Sabha...the oath taking ceremony...ah they might have just got the keys to the Treasury

zap said...

I love the Goan house and the supercilious spiderwoman but don't you think there IS a very faint smile building around the turbaned chaps lips??

Anonymous said...

Out of words on 3. It made me shudder and fell helpless.

4 is beautiful.


km said...

There are five pictures, not four :)

My ranking: the church, the torso, the Goa house, the woman with the photo and finally, Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

The goan house

Prakash M Kini said...

Dilip, you may want to try www.flickr.com

No, I dont get any commission from them. I just think its nice.

Dilip D'Souza said...

zap: you mean like Mona Lisa? You know what, you've got me wondering if Mona Lisa was starting a smile over a bare torso erupting out of Leonardo daV's head.

KM, you are, of course, right. I added a fifth later (church).

Prakash, I actually did get started on a flickr page some months ago and didn't follow up. I will resurrect it and see where it goes.

Thanks, all of you!