June 27, 2009

Horry hume! Ali Came!

No Bird No Curd

Driving along a smaller road through chickoo country well north of Bombay, I finally was convinced that basketball is becoming a game known all over the world. I mean, I'd always heard that the NBA was popular in various remote corners of the globe, but I put that down to the usual hype of hyperventilating marketers.

Here, it came home to me.

What I passed was a large sign by the road that read: "No Horry, No Worry".

Now this was clearly painted by a Houston Rockets fan before their recent NBA playoff series vs the LA Lakers. Fellow by name Robert Horry played with distinction for several NBA teams, but especially as a Laker, he repeatedly fired buzzer-beating three-pointers to clinch memorable victories. So much so that he was nicknamed "Big Shot Rob".

As of last year, Horry is no longer an active player. So it seems likely to me that a Houston Rockets fan in this quiet part of the country was seriously relieved, and expressed himself for the world to see and take note.

Sadly for him, though, the Rockets lost that series anyway.


E pluribus I don't follow

The country's HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal, has a proposal to make tenth standard board exams optional. As far as I'm concerned, this is a terrific idea. The Times of India asked several Bombay school principals for their thoughts, and compiled those thoughts into a news item yesterday (June 26). They are in the form of short paragraphs with headlines that capture the essence of what each principal says.

Four of those headlines, chosen at random and offered verbatim:

* It would water down system.
* Std X boards are a burden.
* Schools may not be sincere.
* Get velit aliquam ultrices. In.

I'm with you. I wish those first three principals had made the effort to be as clear and articulate in their thinking as the last.


Anonymous said...

Bpmbay school principals teach a group of high class students. So nothing should be based on their view.

Dilip, you should be talking to the lot from Palayamkottai....they brought about real change in the education sector. They know it better than anybody in good ol' India

--SK ( still practising Hindutva..)

Anonymous said...

it could've also been a Lakers fan who thinks: No Horry? no worry. Lakers will still win.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:55 PM

Despite what you say the fact remains that Palayamkottai knows it best when it comes to school education.

km said...

"No bird no curd" - who, Larry Bird?

Dilip D'Souza said...

I've not followed the connection to Palayamkottai, but never mind.

km, yep: Larry Bird. I think I'm going to print up a bumper sticker saying "No Bird No Curd".