July 09, 2009

Best interest

Some time last week, I learned that the government had finally taken action over something that was deemed to be "not in the best interest of the nation".

This was good news.

I mean, just for one example that worries me, there's bunches of Indian terrorists who have never been punished for their killing. Seems to me leaving them unpunished is "not in the best interest of the nation."

Or for another example, there's the pitiful state of so many primary schools across the country, which has condemned generations of Indian kids to a pitiful education. Seems to me that vast human waste is "not in the best interest of the nation."

Or, for a third example, there's the way a stream of scams involving enormous amounts of money have come and gone with nobody held to account for them. I mean, try this list: Bofors, havala, stock scam, cash in bedsheets, coffin scam, fodder scam, urea scam, St Kitt's forgery case, housing scam, LPG allotment scam, Bombay open space rental scam. (Bet you don't even remember some of those). Seems to me that simply forgetting that public servants have cheated people they serve of great sums is "not in the best interest of the nation."

So yes, I was encouraged to learn that the government had taken this action. No doubt it concerned one of the issues listed above?

Better: the action concerned a cartoon character and her sexual escapades.

Yes, the government banned Savita Bhabhi, for "anything that is not in the best interest of the nation can be banned."

I feel safer, less cheated and possibly more educated already. Not to mention freer, because doesn't banning stuff make us freer? (My government at work, all over again). Of course I should not bother with the effort to Save Savita. Neither should you, so you can safely ignore this Save Savita link.

After all, don't you feel safer, less cheated and possibly more educated as well? Freer too?


I also wanted to point out that there's no irony at all in the fact that this ban on the sex life of a cartoon character happened at about the same time as the Delhi Court ruled that sex between consenting adults, in pretty much most forms, cannot be termed illegal.

No irony. And ignore this Save Savita link too.

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Sumedha said...

I love the way you've written this post. I didn't know they've banned Savita Bhabhi, and you know, it's not that hard to believe. I hate it, I disagree with it, but it doesn't surprise me.. it's something that's entirely expected. Anything related to sex obviously has to go: the open enjoyment of sex is obviously "against our Indian culture", just as women drinking at pubs and vibrating condoms are.