July 10, 2009

He used a Corolla?

What is it about travel? Objectively, I've done a fair amount of it, to some truly interesting spots, via some fascinating means of transport. (Once: Me and our bus on a flimsy raft, and we pulled ourselves across a river using a wire strung from bank to bank. Next river, no wire, so we poled).

Yet nearly every day, I wake up feeling I haven't traveled enough, haven't seen enough of the world; feeling envious of guys who are trotting off to other truly interesting spots.

And the most recent set of guys I've felt that about are a gang of six, two fellow-graduates from my college though about 700 years junior to me. They are about a week away from getting into what looks like a seriously rickety Toyota Corolla and driving a route that -- as far as I can tell -- Changez Khan made famous a few centuries ago when he roared west out of Central Asia.

And I'm reading about them and doing my best to stop going green with envy. London to Mongolia in six weeks. I mean, I'd give plenty to be able to do that.

The two fellow BITSians are Arun Maharajan and Rajesh Thatha, and their team is the Rustics. Read more at their site; give a thought to donations as well.

And for sure, look at that Corolla and ask yourself: is that what Changez used?


Postscript July 13: Nope, the Corolla is old news. From "a romanian guy sitting in a caravan with an internet connection", they have bought themselves a Peugeot Partner, whatever that is.

All it needs to do is make it to Mongolia. Piece of cake.

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Hi Dilip,

I've tweeted about this here:


The tweet:

12,000 km…16 countries…two mountain ranges and one desert – Within 6 weeks! To donate to the Mongol Rally: http://bit.ly/18N45P