July 13, 2009

Judgement free

Fair enough, I got off my butt to do this because of something else. But I have actually been thinking about it for months: a separate blog for stories from my (our) travels.

So may I present Our Judgement Free, set for your perusal. It kicks off with a story from Ahmedabad. Take a look. There'll be more going up there soon.

Oh, and "Our Judgement Free" is paraphrased from this Charles Dickens quote in his American Notes.

I dedicate this book to those friends of mine in America who, giving me a welcome I must ever gratefully and proudly remember, left my judgement free; and who, loving their country, can bear the truth when it is told good humouredly, and in a kind spirit.

(Thanks, among one or two others, to regular commenter Suresh for sending me this quote a few months ago).


Postscript: There are a few more posts there now: Dalhousie, Santiago, Mahe, Jaisalmer, Dhule. (Yes, Dhule).

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