July 04, 2009


Please see: Seems the videos below, which I pointed to when I first posted this, have been removed for copyright issues. Apparently the full film (50 minutes or so) is available here.

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Anonymous said...

And do what..

Prasoon said...

And we still keep Kasab alive? Why Dilip? Humanity?

I wonder when the hate comments on your blog will stop.

Dilip D'Souza said...

we still keep Kasab alive? Why Dilip?

Because alive, we can get information about those handlers and their organization.

Because alive, we can try him and demonstrate that we, unlike murderers of the LeT, are a civilized country that believes in the rule of law.

Because alive, he suffers life every day. By his own admission, he was heading for heaven; unfortunately, he's nowhere close to it.

Anonymous said...

>Because alive, we can try him and demonstrate

Like that Geelani Trial indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh well... I agree with Dilip. If keeping Kasab alive in a rotten prison is a way of taunting at the belief that killing infidels will fetch you a place in heaven then I'm all for it.

But Dilip, there is a risk that our competitive politics may on one day accord pardon to Kasab and worst he may come back with more men from Mughals stables to wreck havoc in India. How to mitigate this risk?.



Prasoon said...

You statement makes sense Dilip but how long. The guy first confessed everything and then I hear that now in court trials and his custody, the Govt is already spending a lot.
1. Information - we have enough I guess.
2. Law - a criminal has to be punished, the unnecessary court proceedings and his costly captivity leads nowhere.
3. His suffering - well, he suffers because he did not die in the act he considers noble. The act wasn't pious at all and so, beheading him in public also would be acceptable by me because I somehow am still seething with anger as to why the Indian govt. is still going back and forth with Pak on this issue. Its sidelined already and the Govt will forget it when something else happens and then that will be in discussion just like this and again we shall not act and forget that until something else happens. The cycle continues and we keep the terrorist alive sending a wrong signal - "even if the attacker does not die in his so called Jehadi struggle, he will still lead a life much better(in Indian prisons i.e.) than any of those whom we see in these videos who lived to tell the tale of their lost family members".

Dilip D'Souza said...

there is a risk that our competitive politics may on one day accord pardon to Kasab ...

No more than the risk that our competitive politics, or something else, decide to offer zero punishment to the terrorists who killed 3000 (15 times more than Kasab and his murderer friends managed) in Delhi in 1984, or similarly the terrorists who killed many hundreds (several times more than Kasab and his murderer friends managed) in Bombay in 1992-93 and Gujarat 2002.

Oh wait ... that zero punishment has actually happened, hasn't it?

The Original Azous said...

Interesting that there is another dude trying to impersonate me. I have bred copycats. This is fun. BTW, as the original Azous D'Pilid, I have nothing against any religions, all are shitty in my eyes. I actually agree with you, Dilip - I cannot think of worse torture than being imprisoned in an Indian Jail (well, except maybe having to spend 5 minutes with D'Souza). I hope they sodomise the bastard with a hot iron rod everyday.

Phoenix said...

My name is Tarun Pal. Used to blog as TTG. Got rid of my blog. Came back as Phoenix. With Another blog.

Now I get my kicks calling myself "Azous", "The Original Azous" and "Ot" and maybe more. You expect me to use my own name?? Come on, get real.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Damned copyright claims! I cannot see the videos :-(

Is there any other place where the videos would be still available?