July 14, 2009

Spell it out

Seen over the last couple of days:

1) On the back of a battered Toyota Qualis zipping down a suburban lane in my city, a blue and white bumper sticker: "Lester Spell, Commissioner of Agriculture".

Meaning, a sticker urging votes for this gentleman. After some minimal digging, I believe it's this Lester Spell from Mississippi.

I'm so glad he's campaigning in Bombay. Should ensure his re-election. I hope he's also distributed stickers in that other popular hangout of Mississippians, Ougadougou.

2) At the end of a report in the Hindustan Times (July 14) about the New Era School, this sentence: "The SC also asked the school to provide transport facility at a 'confessional rate' to students so that they are not inconvenienced."

Should be interesting, those students travelling to and from school in their buses, confessing as they go. My suggestion: save a salary, ask the priest to drive the bus too.

3) On a blue T-shirt on a young mother waiting for her children at a football field, a sketched egg and this device: "Just Got Laid!"

About says it all.


Anonymous said...

interesting.... am i missing the point here?

Sidhusaaheb said...


BTW, Your anonymous friends absolutely adore you, it seems. They are so bright and smart too.

Azous D'Pilid said...

Looks like there's an echo in here. Well anyway, I just wanted to say good that you're sticking to doing puff pieces D'Souza, it would be a shame to waste your ignorance on anything economic or political.

Azous D'Pilid said...

P.S. it's very easy to differentiate between the real Azous and the fake one. The fake one uses childish slang terms like 'Mozzie' and isn't the least bit rational. The other one actually challenges D'Souza's dumbness, and is quite witty.

km said...

So would a good kid with nothing to confess to pay more than his wicked, sinful buddies?

Unknown said...

Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will be back for more!

Dilip D'Souza said...

km, the way I see it a good kid with nothing to confess should stay home and keep his stultifying existence to himself.

Ot said...

dcubed, you get the most amusing comments in the blogosfere!! azous trying to be three different azous'es, but trying to explain the difference between them. and then returning to impersonate you. and others. wow.

(yeah, now please abuse me also, azous. there's a good lad. down, son).

Ot said...

Then again, I'm an Idiot, so I'll just keep quiet now.

Ot said...

No, I changed my mind. I'm still an idiot, but I won't keep quiet now.

Ot said...

Man I wish I wasn't such a schizophrenic