July 06, 2009


Take a look at, for example, this photograph, then this one.

Or this one, and then the sunset picture that will show up as part of the sequence on the right of this page (don't know how to extract the individual shots).

Twins, lost at birth?


zap said...

But isn't that like looking at this and saying all of them share some features?


Well, yes they do.

Dilip D'Souza said...

zap, you're right of course ... when I travelled across the bridge the other night, I was thinking to myself, there's a bridge I've seen somewhere that looks like this one. Took me a couple of days to remember where.

For that matter, it looks a little like the new Howrah bridge too (except that the Howrah bridge has a double-masted tower).

I don't know if this particular cable-stayed design is a relatively new concept.

And then the old Howrah Bridge looks a little bit like the Firth of Forth bridge. Older design (cantilever?).

Samir said...

Neat pictures all!