July 03, 2009

What's salient

Bangalore's Garden City College has an ad in the Hindustan Times today July 3. In large font-ed banners at the top, the ad says "4th Best College in Bangalore" and "24th Best College in India".

No indication anywhere in the ad of who gave them those rankings, but never mind that.

On the bottom left of the ad is a black box with this title: "SALIENT FEATURES".

In that box are such features as "Excellent, most hygenic [sic] hostels separately for boys & girls", and "Largest library / Hi-tech auditorium".

Pretty routine. Then I come upon the last of those salient features, and here it is:

"Maximum students from North India in previous batches."

Just what this means is unclear. (The college in Bangalore with the maximum number of North Indian students? More North Indian than South, or West, or East Indian students in previous batches? etc).

But that apart, what puzzles me is, why is this a "SALIENT FEATURE"?

Is it likely that a prospective student is going to pore over this ad, stumble across this particular salient feature and instantly say to himself: "Well golly and by gum, that's the college I'm going to!"


Azous D'Pilid said...

Back to playing the idiot again, D'Souza? The sole reason this is a salient feature is because of the general dislike of North Indians in Bangalore and other parts of the South. So this becomes a 'salient' feature to those students from the the North, to know that they probably won't be beaten the crap out of if they study there.

But it's fine, keep playing dumb, I am sure it has served you well.

Ot said...

D'souza, since this Azuos began popping up and a Phoenix began claiming to be him, I searched a bit thru your archives. As TTG and phoenix, he has commented many times often on your blog. He is also not shy of making criticism of people on hiw own blog. Why is he now impersonating me sometimes, and also using "azuos", and why wont he use his own blog any more?

About this post, I think the best Salient Feature is that they don't have YOU teaching there. Ha ha!

Ot - Fake said...

Did you ever think it might not be this phonix / TTG or whatever that you seem to have the free to time to investigate, sherlock?

Ot said...

No, I never thought that, watson.