September 20, 2009

Ask the hard ones

Tomorrow September 21 is the International Day of Peace. To mark it, I wrote Ask the Hard Ones for Citizens for Peace.

The TIME magazine article referred to there is The Grassroots Abortion War, by Nancy Gibbs.

Your comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Not about your post Dilip.

I remember having very good things to say about CFP last time you posted about it. I think I still do, but at one glance, within the first few pages, something repelled me from what purports to be a report on 26/11 Mumbai attacks (anhadin e-digest.pdf).... I will come back at it over a couple of readings.

I wonder if strict alignment with this report is a necessary condition for real peace. I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I am doing: I searched CFP on your blog, and re-checked at a skim, the essays there: Kadar, secular rethink series etc. and still feel the same way about them. Warm positive.

I'm also reading other articles on CFP: Binayak Sen, MJ Akbar's "deep inside India secularism is a way of life".

After building sufficient capital, I will come back to the e-digest. The hard questions it seems to pose me. By weekend.

PS: If these travels (travails?) of an unenlightened soul are not of interest to anybody else, IYO, do delete these comments.

Anonymous said...

A) is an org I would approach with caution, its distinct from CFP.

- joint efforts by India and Pakistan to root out... is important. Opposing US imperial designs... is *imperative*.

- US modified meanings of kaffir and jihad

- Karkare killing suspicious

- attackers nationality unclear; why should we believe they are Pakistanis

- Karkare killing suspicious

- Kasab or whoever killed Karkare spoke fluent Marathi

- 5 star hotels, 5 star outrage

- Role of Nariman house: attackers based here, an "Israeli owned" place, chances of Mossad!

- Karkare killing suspicious

- attackers wore saffron bands, tilaks, were maybe hindus

- 5 star hotels, 5 star outrage

Now listing the positives:

+ Justice KG Balakrishnan's article in this e-digest was exceptionally OK.

+ I continue to be concerned about encounter killings and draconian anti-terror laws.

+ various concerns on Malegaon and other attacks, Sadhvi Pragya/ Purohit.

+ the Side A- Side B discussion in Arundhati Roy's article.

B) No reactions to your piece Dilip. I think its similar to several earlier ones. I hope it induces anybody that identifies themselves as:
"scoffing, sneering, finger-pointing and chest-thumping"
to introspect and repent.

I guess it will allow those who identify their opponents this way to feel pretty good about themselves.

C) Closing with a quote from Annie Zaidi and how she wings it across so effectively, I have no idea:

"Let us mourn our inability to dream each other's dreams or wake from each other's nightmares."