September 21, 2009

Ba bump ba bump ba bump

"Kick the tires ... I'm going home." "Hold no animosity toward me ... please forgive me." "My heart goes is going ba bump ba bump ba bump."

This is unsettling stuff.

And it was all gathered from here.


Anonymous said...

Some other last words, maybe not so famous:

1. " " (no words. didnt get a chance to say any.)
2. "No! no! please dont kill me"
3. "Helllllp somebody please..."
4. "I have a baby, please spare me"
5. "What did I ever do to you?"
6. "I'll do anything you want... anything! please dont kill me"


zap said...

Ditto Jai !

K said...

Out of words.


Anonymous said...

I'm not as sanguine about the death penalty as that list may possibly imply.

Its there as a balancer, to remind this thread of victims that didnt get anything remotely close to a judicial process, recorded final statements being the least significant in their "process".

I think its possible to be deeply respectful to the victims and kin, mindful of the loss and harm inflicted by the perpetrators to them and to society at large, firmly non-mitigative about their crimes.... and also not necessarily have to execute the perpetrators.

Its at the next stage, where the perps have allegedly reformed and are to be released back to society, that I have some worries.


AmOK said...

Can you research and comment on this case ? One of the most disturbing. Googling etc allowed.

Dilip D'Souza said...

AmOK, no doubt you mean this excellent piece of journalism from the New Yorker.

Exactly why the death penalty is so troubling.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know abt Willingham earlier, but was posting from memory that modern investigative techniques esp. DNA have exonerated a couple of executed convicts from the 70s somewhere (I think in the US).

Here's a link with some new updates: