October 14, 2009


My new book, Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America should be out in a matter of weeks.

It's been my preoccupation for nearly four years now. Among other things, I made three long road trips around the US gathering material for it. Check the labels "'merican road", "'merican road #2" and "'merican road #3" on the list to the left for my blogging efforts from those journeys.

I'm pleased with the way it looks as it heads for the printing press finally. It will even have an insert with some of my photographs.

Hey, I like the book, I hope you do! More about it in this space in the days to come.


Mumbai Paused said...

Super. Will look for it.
Wishing you all the very best!

Anonymous said...

dileep, wonderful!

i should have known when you inadvertently ran over that roadrunner and were so full of remorse the next day at that super8 in socorro that it would get top billing in the book. glad it made it all the way to the very top, the title itself!!!
it was jan 12, 2008 as i recall. we were at the vla on the 13th.



unfortunately after 6 long and wonderful years in new mexico, i have since abandoned the state and hightailed it to the university of chicago. hope to visit socorro and bosque in 2 months. the birds are waiting.



Aditya said...

Looking forward to it. My best wishes, Dilip!

Pareshaan said...

Congratulations Dilip Sahib - more after I have got my hands on it.

Kartik said...

Looking fwd to it Dilip (though I'm stumped on how I'll get my hands on a copy :)

Sunil said...

Good luck Dilip. Will the book be available in the US, or will some seller ship to the US? Do I see you on the NYT bestseller list :-) ??

Dilip D'Souza said...

MP, Aditya, Pareshaan, Kartik and Sunil, thanks! I don't know yet about online sales and shipping to the US -- if and when I find out I'll let you know. As for the NYT list -- not unless you mean the New Yerraguntla Times, which I don't think you do, and even then I'm doubtful ...

k, such a pleasure to hear from you. Are you still at your enmu address? Am writing a note there now. I saw those pix when you first pointed me to them, and I remember that trip fondly.

Sunil said...

heh....for NYT, you need to change the title slightly to "Roadrunner: An Indian in a flat world" or some such :-)