November 26, 2009

A fair trial

This article was in the Hindustan Times today (November 26). In the face of plenty of impatience with Kasab's trial, it's good to read a thoughtful, reasoned essay on why he deserves and must get a fair trial.

(I'm proud to call Amit Desai, the author of that article, one of my oldest friends, my classmate going back to when we were 9).


Prachi said...

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Anonymous said...

There is only one issue in Mumbai and New York. Presumption of innocence is difficult in these trials. More like due process than innocent until proven guilty. In any case a laudable goal, and a fair and speedy trial would be great for all other cases too.

Anonymous said...

Fair trial certainly...but with speed please.

I'm surprised at Desai's stress on how the world sees our judicila system...shouldn't this be about justice to 26/11 victims. See this is the problem with neo-liberals...they always cherish the awards and accolades from abroad. No respect for domestic concerns. Desai is one of those 'slaves'

Or maybe the chatterati doesn't bother bother about the victims. After all the Leopold and Taj corpses were of their kind.

Anonymous said...

Desai , Dilip type liberals are day dreamers...

Is the current process capable of clearing the backlog of several million pending cases?. British type judicial system will help if cases are resolved then and there without any delay, if police are sincere and prompt in their investigation, if there are competent judges, magistrates and lawyers. India we have none of these.

On top of it we have bleeding hearts who cry for procedural aspects. 31 crores for Kasab trial. Money that could have been given as relief to CST dead. The Indian state is slowly becoming a joke.

Bring on the Second Republic.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Always interesting how it's the guys frightened of their own names who bluster most about liberals and bleeding hearts and the Second Republic.

Why, is the Second Republic a heaven where we shall remain anonymous?

Fair trial certainly...but with speed please.

"With speed"? The trial is moving along, at least. Which is more than you can say about the terrorists of 1984, or 2002, or 1992-93 -- where there is not even a trial happening, let alone a speedy one. It's also more than you can say about the 1993 bomb blasts trial, which took 13 years to finish.

I'm trying to recall a similarly anonymous comment about the lack of speed in justice in those cases. I'm trying to recall a similarly anonymous comment to the effect of "shouldn't this be about justice to the victims of 1984".

I'm trying in vain.

As always, so it goes. What else do I expect from guys frightened of their own names.

Anonymous said...

Kasab's lawyer has been sacked and I'm sure this will go for retrial.

Proud Desai will write several more articles on the procedural glories of India systems, he might even win an award from a distant shore.... only for Dilip to praise him on this blog.

We have become a laughing stock for not being able to close a clear case quickly. Speak volumes about the lack of efficiency of the system and the quality of prosecution.

At this speed , Dilip, 1984-1992- 2002 ( or shall we just say 1984-2009, I know you want a special exemption for the period between 1500-1984...there you go I have given you a stick to beat me with) will take generations to settle in a court of law. Of course Desai will be happy with the procedural thoroughness. Reminds me of Jarndyce and Jarndyce and Churchill

Anonymous said...

> you want a special exemption for the period between 1500-1984.

Is that right, dcubed?

Why are you being uncaring then about the period between 950 and 1500?

I also think the period between 327 BC and 518.6 AD needs all our atttention.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Prachi, I signed up for bookcrossing thinking what a great idea, but I've never followed up and now I'm not sure I can dig up my userid and password any more ...

Maybe I should sign up again and get active.

Prachi said...

Hey Dilip,
Thanks for replying.
Yes you really should become active again! Trust me you won't regret it! I'm havin a ball out here, and have received so many lovely books I wanted thanks to this generous community! Got FOUR packages in the mail today, filled with goodies, for something called the Holiday Gift Giving. It's great fun sendin stuff out too! Here's my bookshelf if u wanna have a look:
Cheers and hope to see you there soon! :)

Chandru K said...

Very good point about some Indians being obsessed with how the world looks at this trial. The main issue is speedy justice. The crime, unlike 1984 or 1992 or 1526, was caught on camera, and seen by many living eye-witnesses. It was also help if some Indian writers and commentators stop showing sympathy and compassion for the utter scum-of-the-earth country next door to India. That's just about the worst neighbour any country could have.

Anonymous said...

> The crime, unlike 1984 or 1992 or 1526, was caught on camera, and seen by many living eye-witnesses.

Chandru is right again, dcubed.

When 3000 Sikhs were killed in 1984, there were no eye-witnesses. If there were any, we should wait for many years for them to die and then Chandru can say there were no living eyewitnesses. Luckily, this is what we are actually doing. Also, all the news photographs from 1984 were doctored.

Same applies to 1992.

Also there were no living eye-witnesses to the hoolocaust. It never happened.

Anonymous said...

Why disparage D'Souza from behind the cloaca (look it up) of anonymity? You must immediately declare yourself openly, or agree that your arguments are irrelevant. Ah so, you say to me, look who is talking! Indeed then you agree with me and confess to the irrelevance of your arguments.

Anonymous said...

>> the irrelevance of your arguments.

what are your arguments?? cant see any in your comment.

Chandru K said...

that should read, ..."two other attempted plane massacres"..

Anonymous said...

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