December 05, 2009


This is a year for quarter-centuries. Indira Gandhi's death, and the murder of some 3000 Indians in the days immediately after, happened in 1984. 25 years ago.

And just over a month later in 1984, a gas killed thousands in Bhopal.

There are some commentaries I've seen that say we must "move on" from those calamities, those deaths by the thousand. What does "moving on" mean when there are so many who have seen no justice? It's a question that I have no answer for.

Meantime, I tried to remember Bhopal here.

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wise donkey said...

moving on means 'Lets officially accept justice has been and will be denied".

Anonymous said...

Shocking Dilip mate...just one comment mate on this subject till date . I fully appreciate the pessimism in that one , mate.

Bhopal doesn't fit into the discourse of Macaulay's India isn't. I mean it is not going to fetch votes for the politicians...neither it will fetch any Western awards for the chatterati...I mean after all the main culprits are one of them ...isn't it

V M said...

Yeah, sure, Bhopal raies the conscience levels - and then we go and buy Mahindra jeeps too. We really need to look inside ourselves, no?