December 15, 2009

Roadrunner: Delhi December 15

The Roadrunner roadshow, such as it is, makes a stop in Delhi before taking a break for a while:

December 15 (today), 6pm. Crossword bookstore in Select City Mall, Saket. I'll be in conversation about my book with Nilanjana Roy (Akhond of Swat), Shormishtha Panja (Professor of English, Delhi University) and Mani Shankar Aiyar.

If you're in Delhi, be there or be elsewhere.

If you're not in Delhi, you're elsewhere. Never mind. Or please come anyway.


radhika misra said...

missed this Dilip. Too short a notice!:-P but got the book.

V M said...

We attended the book launch, most fun was having breakfast with the children in the morning, photos are up on my flickr pages . .

. . .

Thank you for signing the book, enjoyed reading the first half after which speed read the rest of it, got a bit heavy, lets do the India drive together?