January 10, 2010

George and the tweet

It's the age of the tweet, apparently.

Sometime yesterday, a regular tweeter reported on his page that George Fernandes had died.

No, he has not. He's in hospital, but he's not dead.

Still, the tweet's out there, uncorrected.


km said...

Oh well. They "killed" Morarji Desai too, remember? (But the story was retracted in a few hours, IIRC)

B said...

R Venkataraman once had to go on TV and do a Mark Twain, that rumors of his death were exaggerated.

It would be really spooky if someone recorded a video (and setup a cron job to send an email) that they are not in fact dead and it surfaces soon after the funeral.

globalbabble said...

Tweets are an invaluable resource to news-gathering agencies when they are trying to investigate why Pete Wentz may think: "Johhny Depp is the shit. He owns an island and awesome cheekbones. Pkease (sic) adopt me". bit.ly/7ExnJK