January 12, 2010


I don't know about bra colours on FB status updates, but I will claim anecdotal evidence that over the last day or two, most women out there are suddenly pretty much turning their lips inside out. To the extent that when I asked one such in the park yesterday to move a little bit because my son was going to be sprinting down that stretch of grass, what I heard was this, as close to verbatim as I can get: "Shoo yo hoyyum!"

I took that for a "yes". The lips would have made a fine vacuum cleaner, were she turned upside down.

My feeling is, all this has to do with this report.

Among other things, how does one get to be on these particular research teams?


Anonymous said...

Something that says more abt me than abt you or the posts here I think.

When I first started reading you on blog (after a few yrs at rediff) it was weird taking sequences like:

Lips Jan12
Raju Jan11
George tweet Jan10

sometimes spaced even closer in time, and all on view in a screen.

I dont know why it wasnt a problem to look at diff diverse pieces on a single rediff page, including a shaadi.com or such ad.

Its not like I obsess over Raju incidents 24h either. After some thought at coffee break, I'm back to other things.

But it jarred a bit then. Maybe getting used to blog was the thing.

All the best for your book.


Dilip D'Souza said...

I'm almost glad you noticed that, Jai, and commented on it. One quiet goal I've had with this blog is to put up disonnected and even jarring things side by side and see what it does to me, see if people notice it. After all, it's what our papers (or, as you said, rediff, or any given TV channel) look like. It's why, for example, I used to put up my "Lines" posts at random. (I should resume doing those, actually).

I obsess over what happened to Raju, or to a guy I spoke to a few times whose family died in the Godhra fire atrocity, that sort of thing -- more than other incidents perhaps because I have that personal connection. Yet even with that obsession, I open my paper daily to read stuff like pouting lips, or what Chetan says about Aamir, etc. Is it some kind of contradiction? I don't know, but it's the way things go.

Anonymous said...

On rediff I only saw the Raju side of your thinking. Its just that I read you there, and later only your blog for a long time before branching off to look at other blogs.

Nearly all blogs I read do seem scattered that way except for a few focussed ones that target one or max a few topics. Very normal I'd think for an online diary. My expectations more the issue likely.

Good to know some of this approach on your blog is deliberate.


AmOK said...

From the "Turgid in Sturgis" episode in your book I gathered your prurient interests center on the thoracic regions rather than the labrose condition. Are you changing focus with the times?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Amok, the focus remains broad.

Make of that what you will.

Still, I'm glad you're reading the book!

AmOK said...

Indeed, with your foci a broad smile can still win your heart then, in this materialistic world.

Reading the book. Sometimes a little long on the narrative, but interesting nevertheless. Does your restaurant with the Carrolian "Triple Door" still exist on that WickedEnd street and did you visit it again.. or maybe that is for the next book.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Amok, glad you're finding it interesting!

The restaurant ("Amara's") closed down in 1987 or so, I think -- the owner died of a brain tumour or something and her son (who died last year) couldn't keep it going.

I never did visit it again after leaving University.

AmOK said...

Ah so. AMARAS. Pity it has closed, but which maya persists? Finished your book. Road Terra-Mustana.