February 25, 2010

Roadrunner in Chennai

Roadrunner runs on. Beep-beep!

Next week, I'll be in Chennai discussing my book.

* Tuesday March 2, 630pm, Landmark Apex Plaza (Nungambakkam).

* Wednesday March 3, 5pm, US Consulate. If you want to come for this one, please leave me a note right away because I have to give names to the Consulate folks.

Hope to see you (yes, YOU) at either one or all two of these. Be there or be elsewhere! Or, just in case, be there.


Jai_C said...

I'd have liked to attend... did these have to be midweek :-)

Anyway 2 qs on or around the theme of your book. Please get to this when you have time:

1. Do you compare the situation of blacks in USA with say Dalits here?

I feel they made terrific progress there in a span of ~60 yrs from segregation to presidency (at least compared to India).

Do you agree. What is your sense of how they did that, and how can we make something like that happen here?

2. How is you book received in the US? Any feedback from ordinary folk. Any reviews?

Thank you,

Dilip D'Souza said...

Why it had to be midweek is a topic that now annoys me, so let's leave it there!

I don't know that I explicitly compared blacks to Dalits. Obama's rise is an example of many things and I think is an inspiration, even though I'm sure he's finding being Pres is a different kettle of fish to running for Pres.

Various friends and acquaintances have read or are reading the book in the US, so far quite positive reactions. Some press will happen, it's taking a little while. The book is a India-only edition for now, which is part of the problem.