February 21, 2010

Roadrunner in the Hindu

In the Hindu today February 21, Anvar Alikhan reviews my Roadrunner. Take a look at India, Indiana.

(Oddly enough, my first tentative title for this book was "Americana, Indiana").

Earlier reviews (including critical ones) available here.


On a related note, I will be in Chennai for two events around the book, March 2 and March 3. More details soon. If you want to attend the March 3 event, in particular, please leave a note for me as a comment. I'll get in touch.


partho said...

nice rvw by anvar, dcubed. hey, u link to critical rvws of ur book?! nvr seen anyone do tht. congs! m hfwy thru ur book, enjoying.

Mumbai Paused said...

Off topic:
The February issue of National Geographic has photographs by Steve McCurry that reminded me of your first book - Branded By Law. It's almost an extension of your book. The pictures here: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2010/02/nomads/mccurry-photography