February 02, 2010

Roadrunner in Telugu?

CB Rao attended one of the events I had in Hyderabad around my book Roadrunner last week. He wrote up the experience here.

Unfortunately, it's in Telugu, a language in which all I know to say is "I want some drinking water." (A useful sentence to know, you'll allow). Since I don't think CB Rao restricted himself to saying that much in his essay about the Roadrunner experience, I'd be grateful if anyone out there can give me a gist of what he says.

Thank you, Mr Rao!


gaddeswarup said...

I will do it tomorrow.

Purnima said...

Okay.. Lemme try :)

Mr. Rao firstly gave the information on when and where this book launch event happened. Then about the author and why he chose to write it. Then, about the book, what it is about. Finally, a series of photographs.

From what he says, seems like it is an interesting read to anyone who wanna know about America.

And let me also take the opportunity to introduce, pustakam.net to you. It's a website for book-lovers by book-lovers. Though predominantly in Telugu,some of the essays and interviews are published in English too. If you've have any reviews to share, or any announcements / information, please drop a mail to editor@pustakam.net

Good luck! :)


gaddeswarup said...

sent it yesterday to youre-mail address