April 30, 2010

One murali

One murali has been busy for the last couple of hours leaving comments on various posts in this blog. Plenty so far, probably more in the works. Since I certainly wouldn't want his keen thoughts to go unnoticed, I am doing for him what I've done for others like him in the past: put his comments in one place, as a post.

Here you are. Please appreciate his efforts. And if any more come my way, rest assured that they will show up here too.


Yaar dont waste your time on civilising Hindoos with socio economic sermons.Pratap Naik SJ wants Konkani in Roman script to be the official language of Goa. Go and support your fellow catholics to bring civilisation to the Devil Worshipping Hindoos.The Society of Jesus needs believers like you.The work of your ancestors-the Portuguese Inquisitors is only half completed.


Dileep,Have you joined 'Rev' Naik of the paedophile,homosexual terrorist organisation headquartered at Vatican which preaches the virtues of the Roman bastard.

The previous Terror Chief wants volunteers to harvest souls in heathen hindoo india. You worship the corpse nailed on a cross.


Its wrong to talk ill of the dead.I am sorry but your father showed where his loyalty lay with the Abrahamics,christists,mahounds.His hatred for India and Hindus was transparent. his loyalty lay with muslims(people of the 'book' and revealed his hatred of India and Hindoos.

In muhammadan language-Namak haram,can undestand why you are what you are.

No wonder,you his son is a traitor.


Your dad was dead right.Hindoos are anti-national.No wonder you support Mandal to put Hindoos in their place.Muslims are most patriotic.Advani is Satan the guy who tempted your ancestors(THE BIBLE-HOLY 'BOOK' OF Roman Church says so)


Bain was a christian soul.He was the gift of 'Virgin' Mary.Our Lord Jesus,Vatican,St.Xavier(Please pray for us),John Paul II,Portuguese to India.He was more than Bharat Ratna.He was Mahatma Gandhi,JL Nehru,Sardar Patel and Netaji rolled into one.

He had so much compassion for the heathen that He so 'loved' India that he gave his begotten son Dileep so that the heathen have faith in Dilip and be saved from the Hell of Hinduism and Perfidy.

He was brave like the heathen Arjuna,honest like the heathen Harishchandra etc.

He was a beacon light among the corrupt,mean,dirty,scheming hindoo brahmins who are liars and are cheating and harassing the poor dalits and shoodras.He was a christian soul of mercy amidst the dark heathen.

I love so much for your christian mercy and compassion.Let Our Lord Jesus be with You always.Let the Lord Jesus protect You through His Chosen disciples the goras of US/UK.


Can see so many Johns,peters,nazeems,mathew,zaheer and yes hindu chicks too.

Saare,Enjoy maadi.


you 'honorary' whites are lucky.because you are christists,free vacation in US and day job paid by gora masters for denigrating hindoos and perks too-frolicking in catholic 'ashrams'-Ha,Ha we know what you do with nanha girls in confessionals.You are lucky devils until karma catches up.Karma is one bad b1atch.


you missed one comment.

It is extremely mean to talk ill of the dead.

Your father was a decent man,by all accounts.Not right to talk about someone not alive.

I stand by what I have written.


blueshift said...

Murali is a BIG looser whose brain is washed thoroughly. This is the result of media power in India.

ramani said...

i just don't believe people like this actually exist! mad !
your extended "hindoo" family

R. said...

Sounds like a loony given access to a computer and let loose on the world. Ready to take down any sense left in any corner of the world wide web. There are a few out there, I reckon.


Chandru K said...

Yes, it was crude, and even I :-) found it that way. But the fact is, there is a major Catholic/Christian missionary movement in India, and India is one of the biggest 'targets' of these missionaries and proselytizers. Compassion for the poor takes a distant second place to harvesting souls and counting sheep. These modern pushes of Christianity, a large number of them for sure, have that crude, vulgar, simpleton view of Hinduism as being totally inegalitarian, pessimistic, callous and simply false. Such attitudes do trigger obnoxious responses from more than one Murali.

Chandru K said...

Yes, it was crude. Yes, Christians in India have not covered themselves in glory and have denigrated Hinduism no end. But this previous comment is not by me, again!

Radhika Misra said...

wow. cannot imagine people actually can write stuff like that. obviously the anonymity that the internet provides as a lot to do with it.

Dilip, don't give him this footage!

Chandru K, this murali fellow's nonsense has nothing to do with the Christians in India or elsewhere.

Chandru K said...

Would this fake Chandru K stop the nonsense of responding to each of my messages. The first posting under Chandru K, where I commented on the motives of the missionaries/proselytisers, is indeed the real Chandru K- myself. The style and syntax should make it apparent who is the real one. For the record, I am in Canada, though obviously greatly interested in things Indian. I would call myself left-liberal, though utterly opposed to demonizing the so called "Hindu right". And that's probably the source of a lot of puzzlement among Indians/persons of Indian origin, who are generally used to a clear cut division of left and right, with the former stridently opposed to the policies and behaviour of the Hindutva groups in almost all cases.

Chandru K said...

Let me just repeat that last comment to make things all clear. The first posting by Chandru K is mine, i.e. by the real Chandru K- me. The first disclaimer, below that, is not by me. The comment above this one is by me, and I wish the fake Chandru K would stop pretending about this.

For the record, I think Hindutva groups are dedicated nationalists who are maligned too often for laughably minor quirks like the Gujarat violence (which is not proved to be their doing anyway, and which was anyway a spontaneous reaction to massive provocation). The number of people killed in Gujarat is unimportant and trivial, compared to the number killed by that jihadi fanatic Kasab.

I consider it my duty, even if I am in Canada, to stand up to speak for the Hindutva groups.

Anonymous said...

> The number of people killed in
> Gujarat is unimportant and trivial

What an astounding thing to say!! Is this Chandru guy for real?

Chandru K said...

No, it is not trivial, but it cannot compare to relentless, ideological terrorism, which has the goal of imposing Islamic rule and law on India, that is, if it doesn't destroy India in the process of terrorising it. Flare-ups under the most extraordinary circumstances, such as Nov 1984 or February-March 2002, cannot compare with such ideological terror. And yes, you can quote me on that, preferably using your own name, not mine.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thanks blueshift, ramani, R, radhika. The looniness extends into the comments, as you can see.

Chandru K said...

Anonymous at 507 pm above, I am for real. As you see from my previous comment, I am firmly against the ideological warfare that's being unleashed on India by the likes of Kasab. Compared to what he did, the Feb-March 2002 deaths in Gujarat (and Nov 1984) were insignificant.

We should all ignore them now and concentrate on the likes of Kasab.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Please go and play your games somewhere else. I don't know and don't care (and I don't think anybody else does either) which of you is which or not or the same or the other one.

Chandru K said...

Yes, but Dilip D'Souza is careful never to display any lunacy from a Christian or Moslem. If he ever did, he would very quickly balance it with a note on Hindu lunacy. Whereas in this particular instance, the lunacy from a Hindu is a purely 'stand-alone' one, without a counter-balance. Nice trick.

Anonymous said...

Which Chandru K said that? "Trivial", "insignificant", "cannot compare" or some other? Or are they all the same?? and why??

Yes, its' me, anon 507 PM.

PS - I demand Taoist lunacy to be displayed.

Jo said...

By taking an effort to write (or copy-paste comments) this post, you have let that anonymous person, who goes by the name Murali, win. You could have responded to him in the comments area, or chose not to publish the comments. But with this post, you have let him know that he has irked you so much so that you put it as a blog post and thus he's won. I also don't understand the relevance of comment moderation here, because you chose to publish the Chandru K++ comment jokes here (even after you said "Please go and play your games somewhere else") and put up the Murali comments as a blog post.

Trolls, such as him, are nothing new to bloggers, I guess. It was a "Martin" sometimes back in my blog. After the first couple of comments, I chose not to respond to or publish his comments. A few examples below:

if a christian moron padri comes to India and does this we need to tolerate and accept them so when we share the Hindu culture it is not acceptable.. so Jo you are real Christian terrorist guy! - on Raja Zed's email publicity campaign

Dalits are there everywhere. even in office you have Peons and other servants what do they call them do you have equal rights like a Manager to them.. dont talk bull shit. Think properly. - this one is classic

Padmarajan is a born Hindu how can you admire him, your church says to admire Hindu people??? - on a totally unrelated post on my favorite Malayalam movie director late Padmarajan