May 07, 2010

700, 799, 849, free

If it is a "much awaited Rs 700" item, why is priced at Rs 799 and why will its "total cost... go up to almost Rs 849 when you buy it"? (As reported here).

And if that happens, why not call it the "much awaited Rs 23.50" item, or even the "much awaited free" item?


R. said...

I've a bone to pick with most advertisers targetting the mass market. A lot of the campaigns and advertisements are intent on calling you an idiot in their own different ways

Anonymous said...

700 is how you will explain to others, 799 is what you think it will cost you and 849 is the actual drop in your bank balance.

Actually the fact that marketing works at all tells us that what R. says above is in fact not just name-calling.