June 20, 2010

Annie Zaidi: Known Turf

Tomorrow June 21 at The Hub in Bandra, the intrepid journalist Annie Zaidi and I will be sitting down (I trust) to discuss her new book, Known Turf. More details in this invitation.

Be there. No excuses. (But RSVP as indicated in the invitation).


Jai_C said...

Best wishes to both of you for your books

Sumedha said...

I REALLY wish I could come! I'm in Bombay for the entire summer, but this weekend I flew home to Delhi. I'm back in Bombay a couple of hours too late for this event.

I hope it goes well. I'll definitely be reading the book. :)

Anuradha said...

Ah my mum was recently reading this book while visiting and has left it behind for me to read.. should start on it soon !